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These acts constitute a real revolution in the field of aesthetics.

The reasons are: the reassuring character and the steady improvement of the products used, the ability to obtain a natural result, the speed of the act may be done during a lunch break and the absence of anesthetic risk and the social and occupational crowding inherent in surgical methods.
Hyaluronic acid is the flagship product in this area. It is a polysaccharide (sugar) existing naturally in the body, and the lack of it at the skin level is the cause of wrinkles, fine lines and partly sagging skin.

It’s a not an animal origin, not allergenic, absorbable and it offers a great security used for the doctor.

Different crosslinks are developed to be used in different parts of the face for indications from mesotherapy (for hydration) to bulking (eg cheekbones) through the correction or restoration of certain volumes (eg, nasolabial folds, valleys tears of the mouth or lips itself with the hem or volumes can be processed with natural ). Other indications are constituted by the “resurfacing” (or upgrading) of acne scars hollow or more recently the medical rhinoplasty for a few injections to improve some unsightly aspects (eg bumps) or asymmetry of the nose. Nevertheless, there are some indications against these injections, the most important are the self immune diseases including autoimmune thyroiditis, certain inflammatory bowel disease and sarcoidosis. This shows the interest of consultation prior to the act possibly with some laboratory tests to prevent the person concerned of side effects or complications later. On the other hand, the injections are capable of giving rise to bruising (bruises). A concealer can be used but with a camouflage effect not always perfect. For this, it is preferable to provide these acts outside periods of social or professional constraints.