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The laser is a device that emits a perfectly controlled radiation, precise length and variable depending on the types of lasers. The principle is to use wavelengths which are specifically attracted to certain targets in the skin. These targets are different for each indication of the laser (for example melanin in the hair root to the laser treatment).

They are constantly developing technologies to optimize the results in the main indications: – Laser hair removal: for progressive depilation – Pigment lasers: to treat some brown skin lesions – Vascular Lasers: to treat “birthmarks” red or angioma or dilated superficial vessels on the face (rosacea or erythro-rosacea) or legs (telangiectasies) – The SEAGA resurfacing: to correct or fade some signs of skin aging (eg, wrinkles and sagging skin), acne scars or other origin – Laser lipolysis: aimed at reducing fatty masses.